Into Waves

by Sonus Maximus

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released 04 August 2012
Oded Weinstock - Vocals
Will Senisi - Guitars
Steven Senisi - Bass
Richardo Barney - Drums

All music written and performed by Sonus Maximus. Produced by Sonus Maximus and Jonathon Jacobi.
Recorded at Blackdog Studios in Stillwater, NY. Mixed at Nashdy Sound Studios in Tele Aviv, Israel.

Recording Engineer: Carl Blackwood
Mastering Engineer: Don Grossinger
Mixing Engineer: Jonathon Jacobi
Album Artist: Steve Woodzell (

Sonus Maximus would also like to thank all of our supporting friends: Geppi Iaia, Ada Blecher, Alexandra Sautin, Michelle Hernandez, Kimberly Hughes from Gotham Rocks, and all of those who helped and supported us in the past couple of years. Your contribution will not be forgotten.

A very special thanks goes out to John and Ellen Senisi for their enormous support of the band's endeavors.



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Sonus Maximus Queens, New York

Sonus Maximus is a 4-piece hard rock band originally from upstate, NY and is now based out of Queens, NY. Somax has a highly unique, beautifully warped heavy rock sound. Formed in July, 2010, Sonus Maximus has been playing throughout the tri-state area. The band includes William Senisi on guitar, Steven Senisi on bass, Richardo Barney on drums, and Oded Weinstock on vocals. ... more

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Track Name: Drift
Set to kill make it simple
Let your hands do the work

Don’t over complicate it, just break it loose
Analyzing this situation won’t do you any good
Set you mind at ease, and see it as it is
If you’re not in control you can’t be put to blame

Drift away stop your shrieking
Let your feet guide you through

Don’t over complicate it, just break it loose
Analyzing this situation won’t do you any good
Find your weak spot and punch it as hard as you can
This may very well be your only opportunity

Wake up and grab it while you can
There won’t be a second time around
This time you got to take it all the way
Before it’s all gone

Trust in you, Trust in me
Trust in the truth, let it be
Drift away, just blink it all away
Track Name: ?reflection
Perceptional malfunction
Can’t focus on the relevant
Framing the pieces of a past reality
Contribution to a melancholic moment
This present time consisting of frames
The picture is blurred unsatisfied emotions
Confused sequences of my irrelevant consciousness

What am I for what I’ve been?
And who am I to be?

Dials rush in a circular motion
Breaking the speed of light
The frame now a nuisance, just a memory
Of an unstable point of view
I look for what’s to come
But I’m discharged of emotional formation
Question mark is the reflection
Track Name: Glass
I saw all ways outward
Passing away
The glimmering of
Something unclear
I was then gave way
Cold is spreading it
All away
Come home
Come home

Past un-denied
It’s crawling inside
Is spreading it away
Track Name: Champion
So boring with your ignorance
Too slow to cope with changing times
Can’t deal with all these rising tides
Drowning in your own denials

And as you die your opinions bear such heavy load
And as you die your body will refuse to float, refuse to float

How long will you refuse this process?
Before you come to understand
These changing times are part of progress
They won’t be stopped, not by your hand

And as you wash up on the shore nothing will be like before
Your memories have turned to clouds and all you fantasies have drowned
And underneath your shattered shell, a broken mind and thoughts of hell
You crack within, close your eyes, and like your fantasies you die.

And as you die the crows will come down upon you, come down upon you
And feast on your lifeless eyes
And as you die your dreams will crash down around you, fall down around you.
And bring you down with them
And as you die your fear will crawl deep inside you, crawl deep inside you.
And tear you apart
Track Name: Tree Of Nothing
If you made me then who made you
If they made you then who made them
Comprehend this infinity
And you will live, live forever

Consider this constant shape shift
Quantum physics can’t explain this
Never ending circulation
Deconstruction, restoration
Step out of your zone of solace
Ever changing never constant
Brains will filter what you can’t take
Until you decide your own fate

Maybe you should have looked death in the face
Instead you stayed close to your place strapped down working hard to pay off the sky
Don’t get distracted or get to high, anti depressed and you won’t cry
Pledging allegiance to the crown cause you gave up trying to figure out how the shit goes down
Cutting a once great brain into dust, praying for reconnection of the pieces at once.
Was on the tip of your tongue but you depressed it
Was inside of your head but you second guessed it
Repercussion of fearful discussions
Grew over your instincts you lost it again
You lost it again…
Track Name: Disguise Insanity
Face to face we are
Closer than before
Holding back so far
Phrasing every word
Pictures of our past
Memories we hide
In this place we dwell
Turning from inside

Misery is pouring out
Every moment filled with doubt

Face to …

And if I pulled out my teeth would you hold them for me?
How far will you go to save me from hurting you?
And if it means you will lose your mind in the process
Would you reach out your hand and ask me for more?
Track Name: Intentions
You know you’re free to go any time you wish
These chains are just for show, to show you how I feel

Sick of all the lies you told
I apologize if it’s too much to take in
It won’t be long for now
Soon it will all be over

It might be just a phase but time my prove us wrong
And in its rusty haze we can grow as one
Track Name: Breathe
follow me home
Swallow me whole
Take it all down

Looking through this broken glass
Fountains of miracles
Look back to the time
You were still innocent

read between the lines
fall into my eyes
Don’t ever let go

Take it all down
fall into my eyes
Track Name: Red Sun
Red sun, close my eyes
Into the new dawn of my demise
Make me pay for all I’ve been
Reconcile for all my sins

Red sun wake me up
Out of this nightmare into your arms
Make me beg make me plead
Make me cry for all there is

Tear these clothes off from my back
As I bear witness to all I lack
Face to face with my soul
Into my end I wish to fall

A golden outline is stabilizing the horizon.
A calm moment in an otherwise fractured existence.
The final blow before the hot winds break.
My red sun is here to take me home.
Track Name: Rolling
I slipped through the cracks of a disease of a dream
I stared into the eyes of the beast

A breaking has opened and I forgot about time
I saw the door open and I knew it was mine

I moved past the gate of a faded memory
Accepted all that I was and all I’ll be

My eyes were wide open but to my soul I was blind
My hands reached to the heavens yet I was left behind
A breaking has opened and I forgot about time
I saw the door open and I knew it was mine